Providing Foster Youth
with a Tribe

The champion Project

A trauma informed mentoring program that works in local group homes to help provide stability and consistency in the lives of teens in foster care.


Through local churches, we want to provide foster youth with a tribe of people who care for them, believe in their individual and amazing God-given talents, and mentor them within and outside of the foster care system.


Engage individual churches to partner with a Residential Treatment Center (RTC) or group home in their community and bring that RTC or group home into their church family.


Each church will create a safe and loving environment for their local youth in foster care by welcoming them not only into their doors, but also into their lives, demonstrating the unconditional love of God.

“Every child DESERVES A CHAMPION – an adult who will NEVER GIVE UP on them, who understands the power of CONNECTION, and insists that they become THE BEST THAT THEY CAN POSSIBLY BE”

~ Educator Rita Pierson

Our Team

Elizabeth Chappell

Founding member

Audra Simpson

Founding member